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bed-bug-residentialWith the rapid spread of bed bugs in the hospitality industry, it’s not surprising that multi-family apartment buildings have seen a rise in infestations as well. When tenants go on vacation, it’s not at all uncommon for them to bring home uninvited guests. While it’s usually impossible to tell where an apartment building infestation originated, it’s almost always in multiple units before the problem is recognized.

Many building and property managers have begun to fight back. Encouraging tenants to encase their bed, before or after a bed bug incident, is an effective step to preventing costly and damaging infestations. By eliminating the most common breeding places for bed bugs, many infestations have been quickly controlled and property damage has been minimized.

Since bed bugs in apartment buildings and motels are extremely difficult eliminate once an infestation has occurred, prevention and awareness remains a vital step to protecting your property. By taking preventative measures and educating yourselves, your staff and your tenants, you can drastically reduce the chances of being infested by bed bugs.

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