How can you sell your products at such a lower price than your competitors?

Our products made by overseas factories to our demanding specifications and don’t involve any “middlemen” – this reduces our cost. Due to demand and a focus on commercial sales, we buy in large quantities – this reduces our cost even further.

We are primarily a “word of mouth” company. We do not spend large amounts of money on marketing as our customers refer us most of our business. Our prices are lower as our costs are lower.

If I have a problem, what should I do?

You have a number of options. Our money back guarantee allows you to simply return the product no questions asked within 10 days. We’ve had very, very few customers use our guarantee – most because an individual thought the mattress protector would also be a ‘fitted sheet’ – mattress protectors require the use of a bottom sheet, as well as a mattress pad since it is important to minimize removing and re-installing the encasement.

If you have an issue you think is a defect, please call our customer service department. We will replace a defective product for up to three years, assuming the encasement was used correctly and that washing instructions were properly followed. It is also important that encasements be installed correctly, following the instructions provided – failing to do so will void the warranty.

I’ve got a bedbug problem or infestation – I just don’t know what to do.

American Wellness Supply is committed to helping you solve your bed bug problem. Visit our Bed Bug Education Center to view articles and posts that can help right now.

Sometimes complete eradication takes repeated steps – bed bugs are just too crafty to completely eradicated in a single step. Other companies might lead you to believe that you simply add a mattress protector and problem solved. That is often not the case.

A typical eradication cycle will include proper washing of bedding using a non-toxic insecticide or steam cleaning process for beds, carpets, and furniture if they are infected. The use of a mattress protector will stop any bed bugs from getting in or out of the mattress and box spring. At the site of a dramatic infestation, the non-toxic insecticide or steam step might be repeated until no evidence of bedbugs are found.

I’m located somewhere far from American Wellness Supply. Can you send your product to my address?

We will make every effort to deliver to overseas addresses. Please send us an email with details so we can determine if the order can be processed.

I’m allergic to latex. Do your products use latex.

No. Our products are made of hypoallergenic fabrics and plastic zippers.

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