Don’t forget to protect your box spring and pillows!

Your mattress is not the only place mites and bed bugs like to gather. Our bundles are designed to give your bed total protection. The bundle includes a Premium Encasement for the mattress, a Classic Encasement for your box spring, and two Premium Pillow Protectors.

Premium Encasements and Bundles

The AWS Premium Encasements are designed to protect your bed from bed bugs, dust mites and more. Our SleepGuard Zipper Technology ensures the protector will never open even under the most strenuous use. Our certified SecureRest Waterproofing ensures that even under prolonged exposure, your mattress is 100% protected against even the largest spills or extreme cases of incontinence. This is our most popular product for hospitality and at home use.

  • Soft polyester/cotton is durable, breathable and comfortable
  • Completely waterproofs every part of your mattress
  • Prevents pests and bacteria from infesting your mattress
  • Great for allergy suffers
  • Indispensable in cases of incontinence
  • The most affordable and cost effective bed bug solution
  • Machine washable
  • Velcro enclosure prevents encasement from opening during use
  • Guaranteed to last for up to 3 years

Choose the protection that is right for you…

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